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Economics & Statistics Committee
 Committee Mission
Provides direction and support to programs that provide data and other market information on the domestic and international fluid power industry and customer markets. Helps engage members in creation of value and in program development and delivery.
 Committee Members
Ben Trumpower ArcelorMittal
Blake Valentine Bailey International
Larry Foy Bosch Rexroth Corp.
Rock Able Cross Company
Anthony Welter Eaton Corporation - Hydraulics Operations
R. Edwin Howe Enfield Technologies
Jim Kaas Iowa Fluid Power
Scott Paxton Lehigh Fluid Power, Inc.
Eric Michel MICO, Incorporated
Douglas Lacina Milwaukee Cylinder
John Falcon ROSS Controls
 Past Projects
NFPA’s Global Market Reports and Forecasts - Working with Oxford Economics, NFPA and the Economics and Statistics Committee identified and developed a series of Global Market Reports and Forecasts that best match the results from a Global Market Information Feedback Campaign which was made up of NFPA members. NFPA has since launched these new reports to the membership using committee input on properly promoting and distributing this new service. The committee continues to monitor the activity surrounding
Developed NFPA's Electronic Statistical Toolkit, versions 1 - 7. The Toolkit is an excel-based user-friendly software package that expands the user's economic view of his/her company and the fluid power industry by combining multiple NFPA data sources with the types of analytical tools commonly used today.
NFPA’s Stats Dashboard - the committee beta tested this new tool and offered comments and suggestions for further development and improvement. NFPA Stats Dashboard is a web-based interactive tool that allows members to create a series of graphs from NFPA data sources that are saved to their own member profile and only accessible through the member’s custom stats dashboard homepage.
Assisted in the development of a web-based reporting system for NFPA's Confidential Shipment Statistics (CSS) program. The CSS is a survey-based program that allows member companies to compare their performance to those segments of the industry that are most revelant to their operations.
 Current Projects
Develop NFPA's Stats Toolkit Pro - The committee will assist NFPA in the development of an Online Toolkit. Redesigning everything, except the original functionality, to achieve a seemless and appealing experience in data/trend analysis, while also building in a high functional management system that will allow NFPA easy and convenient user administration.
Distributor Engagement Initiative - Working with the Distributors Council to develop a a new distributor’s version of the State of the Fluid Power Survey, in which the results from the distributor version and manufacturers’ version would be shared with both channel partners.
 Meeting Frequency
Face-to-face meetings once a year. (August) Conference call / Webcast meetings, depending on pending projects. (situational)
 NFPA Staff Contact
Eric Armstrong
Phone: (414) 778-3372