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Technical Board
 Committee Mission
The Technical Board is a working committee of NFPA which oversees the five-year review and maintenance of NFPA documents.
 Committee Members
Barry Verdegan Cummins Filtration Inc.
John Montague
Paul Michael Milwaukee School of Engineering
Thomas Wanke Milwaukee School of Engineering
James Rosenbury Nass controls
Gary Baumgardner Parker Hannifin Corp.
John Berninger Parker Hannifin Corp.
Lido Boni Parker Hannifin Corp.
John Jones Parker Hannifin Corp.
Ronald Zielinski PolyMod® Technologies Inc.
Pete Molloy SMC Corporation of America
Paul Schacht
John Walrad
 Meeting Frequency
The Technical Board meets once a year via teleconference.
 NFPA Staff Contact
Carrie Tatman Schwartz
Phone: (414) 778-3347