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U.S. TAG to ISO/TC 131/SC 3 - Cylinders
 Committee Mission
The U.S. TAG to ISO/TC 131/SC 3 develops USA industry’s input on International (ISO) standards for cylinders. Examples of topics covered are acceptance tests, mounting dimensions, tolerances and identification code for cylinder mounting types and dimensions.
 Committee Members
Anantkumar Jain Danfoss
Robert LeGrande Genie Industries
James Simpson Holding Company
Renato Noal IMI Precision Engineering
Thomas Carroll Naval Sea Systems Command/SEA 05Z6
Scott Weickel Numatics Incorporated
Gregory Beeber Parker Hannifin Corp.
John Berninger Parker Hannifin Corp.
Lido Boni Parker Hannifin Corp.
Robert Briant Parker Hannifin Corp.
Bruce Kohlmeyer Parker Hannifin Corp.
Mark Ruesch Parker Hannifin Corp.
Andrea Vacca Purdue University
Brian McRoberts SMC Corporation of America
Pete Molloy SMC Corporation of America
Brent Fairchild Sheffer Corporation
 Current Projects
ISO/DIS 6432 - Mounting dimensions for pneumatic single rod cylinders with bores from 8 to 25 mm, for use at 100 kPa [revision of ISO 6432:1985]
ISO/DIS 10762 - Mounting dimensions for 10 MPa hydraulic cylinders [revision of ISO 10762:1997]
ISO/DIS 4393 - Basic series of piston strokes for fluid power cylinders [revision of ISO 4393:1978]
ISO/DIS 8133 - Accessory mounting dimensions for 16 MPa compact hydraulic cylinders [revision of ISO 8133:2006]
ISO/DIS 8132 - Accessory mounting dimensions for 16 MPa medium and 25 MPa single rod hydraulic cylinders [revision of ISO 8132:2006]
ISO/CD 6020-3 - Mounting dimensions for 16 MPa single rod compact hydraulic cylinders with bores from 250 mm to 500 mm [revision of ISO 6020-3:1994]
ISO/DIS 6020-2 - Mounting dimensions for 16 MPa compact hydraulic single rod cylinders [revision of ISO 6020-2:2006]
 Meeting Frequency
As needed; most often by teleconference.
 NFPA Staff Contact
Denise Rockhill
Phone: (414) 778-3354