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U.S. TAG to ISO/TC 131/SC 6 - Contamination control
 Committee Mission
The U.S. TAG to ISO/TC 131/SC 6 develops USA industry’s input on International (ISO) standards for contamination control. Examples of topics covered are calibration of automatic particle counters, filter multipass test and methods for determining the cleanliness of components.
 Committee Members
Abbas (Abbey) Vijlee
Bill Bars Beckman Coulter Life Sciences
Jeffrey Mothersbaugh Bekaert Corporation
Kiley Benes Bonavista Technologies, Inc.
Ed Bielo C&J International, Inc.
John Irvin Caterpillar Inc.
Abdul Karim Maoued Caterpillar Inc.
Eric Quillen Cummins Filtration Inc.
Bryan Steffen Cummins Filtration Inc.
Barry Verdegan Cummins Filtration Inc.
Stephen Larsen Donaldson Company, Inc.
Douglas Lundstrom Donaldson Company, Inc.
Kenneth Nicholas Donaldson Company, Inc.
Nick Stanley Donaldson Company, Inc.
Keh Dema Eastman Chemical Company
Monica Peterson Fluid Technologies, Inc
Paula Goodale GVS
Mark Anttila Holding Company
Richard Gast Holding Company
James Simpson Holding Company
Steven Wagner Holding Company
Mark Snyder Hollingsworth & Vose Company
Sneha Swaminathan Hollingsworth & Vose Company
Larry Gerken Hy-Pro Corporation
Peter Hoekstra IBR Laboratories
Adam Burnett Lydall Performance Materials, Inc.
Donna Sullivan Lydall Performance Materials, Inc.
Paul Michael Milwaukee School of Engineering
Thomas Wanke Milwaukee School of Engineering
Robert Fletcher NIST
Thomas Carroll Naval Sea Systems Command/SEA 05Z6
Chris Bacon Nexteer Automotive
Kanwar Suri PTI Technologies, Inc.
Mike Adams Pall Aeropower
Vijay Rajadhyaksha Pall Aeropower
Eric Krause Pall Corporation
Darren Nowicki Pall Corporation
Dan Arens Parker Hannifin Corp.
Scott Lehman Parker Hannifin Corp.
Bruce Shane Parker Hannifin Corp.
John Jones IIParticle Sizing Systems
Ryan McCall Purolator Facet Inc.
Ivan Sheffield Quality Filtration, LLC
Scott Surdick Schroeder Industries
Scott Surdick Schroeder Industries
Christopher Bortnik Schroeder Industries LLC
Charles Juhasz SSI
Peter Rao U.S. Army, RDECOM
Brad Joyce Wix Filtration Corp.
 Current Projects
ISO/DIS 18413 - Hydraulic component cleanliness inspection document and principles related to contaminant collection, analysis and data reporting (revision of ISO 18413:2002)
ISO/WD 23309 - Methods of cleaning lines in an assembled hydraulic system by flushing [revision of ISO 23309:2007]
ISO/WD 12669 - Method for determining the required cleanliness level [RCL] for a hydraulic system
ISO/DIS 16908 - Hydraulic filter element thermal conditioning and cold start-up simulation
ISO/NP - 18237 - Method for evaluating water separation performance of hydraulic fluid dehydrators
ISO/CD - Verification of fatigue life and burst pressure ratings of hydraulic spin-on filters with finite lives
ISO/NP 3968 - Evaluation of differential pressure versus flow characteristics of hydraulic filters [proposed revision of ISO 3968:2001]
ISO/CD 21018-4 - Light extinction technique for monitoring the level of particulate contamination in hydraulic fluids
ISO/DTR 16386 - Impact of changes in ISO particle counting, contamination control and hydraulic filter test standards [revision of ISO/TR 16386:1999]
 Meeting Frequency
Three times per year, in person.
 NFPA Staff Contact
Denise Rockhill
Phone: (414) 778-3354