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U.S. TAG to ISO/TC 131/WG 4 - Pneumatic component reliability
 Committee Mission
The U.S. TAG to ISO/TC 131/WG 4 develops US industry’s input on International (ISO) standards for pneumatic component reliability. Examples of topics covered are general principles and testing to determine the reliability of pneumatic valves and cylinders.
 Committee Members
James Simpson Holding Company
Rob Robertson IMI Precision Engineering
Charles Werdehoff IMI Precision Engineering
John Montague
Chris Bacon Nexteer Automotive
Gary Baumgardner Parker Hannifin Corp.
John Berninger Parker Hannifin Corp.
Robert Briant Parker Hannifin Corp.
Mary Dyksterhouse Parker Hannifin Corp.
Mark Ruesch Parker Hannifin Corp.
Eric Cummings ROSS Controls
David Haselden Ross Controls
Robert Dickman SMC Corporation of America
Pete Molloy SMC Corporation of America
David Phillips SMC Corporation of America
 Current Projects
ISO/DIS 19973-5 - Assessing the reliability of pneumatic non-return, shuttle, dual pressure, one-way adjustable flow control and quick-exhaust valves by testing
ISO/PWI 16194 - Assessing pneumatic component reliability by accelerated life testing
ISO/DIS 19973-1 - General procedures for assessing the reliability of pneumatic components by testing
ISO/DIS 19973-2 - Assessing the reliability of pneumatic directional control valves by testing
ISO/DIS 19973-3 - Assessing the reliability of pneumatic piston rod cylinders by testing
 Meeting Frequency
As needed; most often by teleconference.
 NFPA Staff Contact
Denise Rockhill
Phone: (414) 778-3354