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Supplier Council
 Committee Mission
NFPA's Supplier Council influences association program development and delivery to better serve the needs of NFPA's supplier members and helps those members plug into those programs. All Product and Service Suppliers are part of this Council.
 Committee Members
Michael Ference Design World
Dave Hahne Industrial Hard Chrome, Ltd.
Roscoe Wallace Kaiser Aluminum Corporation
 Past Projects
Supplier Council projects include: Annual tabletop exhibit opportunities at the NFPA Industry and Economic Outlook Conference; an ongoing series of educational articles in the NFPA Reporter on-line newsletter; and, the Annual NFPA Invitational Golf Tournament to support the NFPA Foundation.
 Current Projects
NFPA’s Supplier Council Projects underscore the Council’s commitment to promoting the industry, workforce development and support of the NFPA Education and Technology Foundation.
 Meeting Frequency
The Supplier Council meets when necessary in conjunction with all regularly scheduled NFPA conferences.
 NFPA Staff Contact
Leslie Miller
Phone: (414) 778-3369