YOUR Career in Fluid Power is a high-energy, high-impact introduction to the fluid power industry that encourages high school and college engineering students to learn about the world of fluid power and consider the exciting careers available in the field.

Fluid power is a great industry for young people interested in building a career around science and technology. The seven-minute video offers a realistic look at the opportunities and challenges facing three young fluid power engineers. 

This “go to” Career Resources web site has been developed for students to learn about fluid power in fun and interesting ways. The Career Resources web site provides more in-depth information about fluid power technology and the career opportunities available within the field.

NFPA encourages students, teachers, and school administrators to share the video and Career Resources web site with those interested in a career in engineering. For more information about the video or web site please call NFPA's Program Manager, Lynn Beyer, Workforce Program Manager, (414) 778-3364 or lbeyer@nfpa.com

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