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Contact your PBS station for NFPA Fluid Power program

A new television production on fluid power, co-produced by the National Fluid Power Association and the Minnesota Channel of Twin Cities Public Television, is available nationally to all PBS stations for their consideration, and possible broadcast.

"Fluid Power: A Force for Change" is a 30-minute exploration of the fluid power industry and its positive effects on our current and future society, as well as the promise it holds for a rising generation of young engineers looking for exciting and socially-responsible careers. The program was developed by the NFPA in cooperation with fifteen other fluid power organizations from around the globe. It's the perfect introduction to help anyone understand the meaning of fluid power and its immense possibilities for the future.

Please have one person from your organization contact your local and regional PBS stations to inform them of this program's local significance and the impact it could have on your community. You may want to emphasize the growing interest in science and engineering careers that has been generated in your local schools and businesses as a way of explaining the local importance of this topic. Because station programmers are approached constantly by all sorts of groups to have programs aired, the most effective means to get a request into a programmer is to have just one active member of the community, representing a number of people with similar interests and who works on the issues related to the program, contact the local PBS station programmer directly.

To find your local PBS station and its contact information, please see:

Ask if the programmer knows of the program, and explain why the program is important to the local community. It would help to emphasize that there are members of the community (such as your organization and other NFPA members in your area) who can help promote the program through their employees and their networks. Then ask how best to proceed.

If your PBS station’s programmer finds the program to be of value and interest, the DV Cam or Beta programming tapes (or a DVD copy of the video for consideration) may be requested by e-mailing the programmer’s name and contact information to .

And finally, a special request: if they do run the program, please drop us a note here at the NFPA to let us know. We will be posting a list on our web site of the communities where this program has been seen, both nationally and around the world.

Thanks for your help and support,

Eric Lanke, CAE
Chief Executive Officer

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