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Fluid Power: A Force for Change

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Like what you see? Watch the companion video, "Discovering Fluid Power," produced by the Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power (CCEFP) in cooperation with the National Fluid Power Association (NFPA). "Discovering Fluid Power" provides an in-depth overview of fluid power technology for a general audience. Click here to watch it on the CCEFP web site.

“Fluid Power: A Force for Change” is a fascinating exploration of the fluid power industry and its positive effects on our current and future society, as well as the promise it holds for a rising generation of young engineers looking for exciting and socially-responsible careers. Fluid power—hydraulics and pneumatics—is one of our most reliable technologies, and its advancement will have transformative effects on our world and society.

In this 30-minute television program, industry leaders, researchers, educators and students share their perspectives and communicate three main themes:

A. Fluid Power Makes Modern Life Possible. To help explain what fluid power is, numerous examples of how fluid power is used in day-to-day applications are described and shown. Some examples are obvious and others are not-so-obvious. With so much of our modern lives dependent on fluid power, the diversity and stability of the industry is underscored.

B. Fluid Power Is Changing the World for the Better. Cutting-edge applications and future research directions of fluid power technology are described and shown, many of which hold significant promise for providing safe, clean and efficient energy for a multitude of transportation and power generation applications. In dramatically decreasing our dependence on traditional sources of energy, fluid power’s potential to reshape our world is explored.

C. Careers in Fluid Power are Rewarding and Successful. A range of potential careers in fluid power is showcased, with personal testimonials describing the kind of work performed and the opportunities for growth and advancement. With qualified engineers in such high demand across a wide range of industries, fluid power is a technology that provides access to many of the most high-tech sectors.

The program was developed by the National Fluid Power Association in cooperation with fifteen other fluid power organizations from around the globe, and produced by Twin Cities Public Television.

Watch it on TV

Upcoming broadcasts will occur on the statewide tptMN and can be seen statewide via all six Minnesota public television stations, over the air for free to viewers, as well as on cable and satellite services. Broadcasts on tptMN are simultaneous - your dates and times for the Twin Cities are the same for all other Minnesota stations, as well.

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