Fluid Power Systems Conference
Reliable and Efficient Hydraulics and Pneumatics
for Today and Tomorrow

Formerly known as the Energy Efficient Hydraulics and Pneumatics Conference

November 19-21, 2013
Doubletree Hotel, Rosemont, IL

hosted by the
International Fluid Power Society (IFPS), the
FPDA Motion and Control Network (FPDA), and the
National Fluid Power Association (NFPA)


Saving energy and money with fluid power

Fluid power (hydraulics and pneumatics) is used in dozens of industries and hundreds of applications to precisely control the movement of machinery and material. Yet many engineers and technicians working in those industries have not been fully trained in the design concepts critical to developing efficient fluid power systems and the diagnostic and maintenance techniques essential to keep those systems operating at peak efficiency. These concepts and techniques can result in significant energy and cost savings for companies that use hydraulics or pneumatics, as well as for the customers they serve, making fluid power a more competitive and logical technology choice.

To help companies take advantage of these opportunities, three leading fluid power organizations—the International Fluid Power Society, the FPDA Motion and Control Network, and the National Fluid Power Association—hosted an educational conference at the Doubletree Hotel, Rosemont, IL on November 19-21, 2013. Professionals responsible for specifying, designing and/or maintaining hydraulic and pneumatic systems in industrial settings or mobile applications attended. 

The conference offered:

  • Design workshops to communicate why energy efficiency and reliability are increasingly a concern of machine builders and the role of fluid power in increasing machine efficiency and reliability and balancing cost issues for hydraulic and pneumatic systems;
  • Hands-on instruction into practical maintenance techniques from fluid power component manufacturers, distributors, and system integrators;
  • Facilitated roundtable discussions, where peers can share specific challenges associated with their industry and applications, learn about fluid power standards, best practices in building efficient and reliable fluid power systems, and the future of fluid power;
  • Networking events, including the Innovation Showcase, to help participating engineers and technicians engage with technology providers from fluid power manufacturing and distribution companies to learn the newest, cutting edge developments in energy efficient and reliable developments in hydraulics and pneumatics.

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  Fluid Power Systems Conference

Fluid Power Systems Conference Fluid Power Systems Conference



















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What Are People Saying About the Fluid Power Systems Conference?

Great opportunity for engineers to provide input to long-standing energy efficiency issues to help a variety of industries.

Mike Hamzey
R. M. Wright Company

There seems to be a large number of conferences focused on business and economics. It is refreshing to have one that I am interested in, engineering and education.

Travis Schmidt
Application Engineer
Hydra-Power Systems

Round Table discussion brought together a combination of more than 150 years of industry experience.

James Mills
Electromechanical Technology Instructor
Angelina College

Cross section of experts from industry added tremendous value to the content and discussions.

Steve Schwasnick
Vice President
Western Integrated Technologies, Inc.

The information I received was very useful and I will take it back to my company and share with all the engineers and salespeople so we can do a better job serving our customers and reducing a fluid power’s carbon footprint.

Jeff Geyer
Fluid Systems Manager (CFPS)

This was an excellent opportunity to expand thinking in Fluid Power application. Application of new and innovative products was discussed along with new and innovative application of conventional components. This was a meeting to stimulate thinking.

Doug Webster
Vice President
Sidener Engineering

Very good, thought provoking, stimulating process for solution products ideas.

Randy Greenwood
Sales Manager, Hydraulics
Lovejoy, Inc.

This conference help companies develop an energy strategy to your business and customers.

Parker Lancaster
President and CEO
P.S.I. Fluid Power Ltd.

It was encouraging to see professionals and leaders in this industry beginning to address energy efficiency. As a stakeholder, energy conservation is a business imperative and our equipment needs to be designed to reduce energy use in our day to day operations.

Eric Battino
Supplier Sustainability Manager

It was an excellent opportunity to hear of and discuss ideas, trends & innovation with like minded professions

Ian McDonald
Principal Lecturer
Challenger Institute of Technology - Australia

The technical knowledge gained added to my ability to properly design Energy Efficient Systems.

Michael Anderson
Southwest Group Fluid Power
Sales Mgr.
Motion Industries