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Hydraulic Case Studies

Proper maintenance brings optimum production efficiency

The Problem:
Hydraulic plant equipment needs to be maintained in order to provide optimum production efficiency.


Its Solution:
First, scrubbers were installed on the feed side of the hydraulic lines. Second, magnetic technology introduced into the filter created the field strength necessary to effectively remove ferrous contamination to the sub-micron level, even in high flow applications and with operating temperatures up to 300 degrees F. After two months, the particle count for 5-micron particles had dropped from 2975 to 794 ppm – a 375% reduction.  

Related Applications:
Any application where long-term industrial filtration is essential.

How Hydraulics Improved this Application:

  • Increase system up-time
  • Increased life of critical plant equipment
  • Extended filter life
  • Reduced filter disposal costs

This application was developed by One Eye Industries, Inc. To visit the One Eye Industries web site, click here.