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Hydraulic Case Studies

Compact dozer operators feel safe with electronic control system

The Problem:
Every job site has distractions. Construction vehicle drivers need to cope with other vehicle traffic, time crunches, terrain, pedestrians, the weather and possible fatigue.

Its Solution:
An electronic control system on a compact dozer insures that the machine will not start up unless the operator performs a series of steps. This routine is in place to protect the machine from getting underway if the operator is out of place. A controller processes information and sends out commands to a number of components within the dozer. The solid-state microprocessor-based controller pulls in inputs from the safety belt, seat switch, safety arm and the ignition switch.

The controller contributes to the well being of the driver as well, by blocking off the signal to the starter unless all safety functions are in place. The machine functions are all pilot operated hydraulics, with the pilot pressure bypassed by a valve. The controller controls that valve.

Should the operator like to get more comfortable by unhooking the seat belt, the system in turn becomes uneasy and reacts by signaling the valve to disable the hydraulic system. The engine will continue to run until the driver either buckles up or shuts off the ignition. The driver will find that disengaging any of the safety interlocks renders all machine movement inoperable. Tracks and the blade, in particular, come to a halt.

Related Applications:
Any application in which safety functions are critical to the operation of heavy equipment.

How Does This Application Make Hydraulics Even Better?

  • Insures hydraulic fluid level
  • Cares for the vehicle's welfare by monitoring engine functions

This application was developed by Hydro Electronic Devices, Inc. To visit the HED web site, click here.