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Hydraulic Case Studies

Contaminant-free test benches are essential for machine up-time

The Problem:
Expensive hydraulic test benches needed to be protected from contamination entering the system from rebuilt pumps being tested, as well as cross-contamination of new equipment. The operators were also unaware of the level of existing ferrous contamination as existing 2-micron filtration was expected to be effective.


Its Solution:
A 3-foot magnetic filter rod was placed into the 300 gallon hydraulic reservoir. In examining the rod after one month, deposits on the rod showed that the filter had removed significant amounts of ferrous contamination from the new hydraulic oil after it had gone through the existing filtration elements.  

Related Applications:
Any application where hydraulic filtration is essential.

How Hydraulics Improved this Application:

  • Reduced erosion and wear
  • Extended filter life
  • Reduced filter disposal costs

This application was developed by One Eye Industries, Inc. To visit the One Eye Industries web site, click here.