NFPA continues to increase the usability of NFPA’s Product Locator to give your company more visibility, leads and direct contact.  Customers that search for products through the NFPA Product Locator will…
  • Have the ability to sort their search result by product or Company,
  • Link directly to your Company web site, and
  • Contact your company through an E-Mail feature.
Requested by NFPA members like you—the E-Mail feature saves potential customers time by allowing their questions to go to as many NFPA companies as they wish, then wait for the answers to come flooding in.  

While saving time and effort for customers, this feature gives you another pathway to fluid power users and new customers.  So take a minute to be sure your company has listed its products. Log on here and click on "Questions?"  for the easy to follow instructions. 

More questions? Contact Leslie Miller at or 414-778-3369.