Need the latest trends and forecasts for your favorite industries and products, but are short on time?  Let NFPA’s Stats Dashboard help!

NFPA’s Stats Dashboard is a new interactive, web-based application that allows you to generate customized graphs using the data from the market programs your company participates in and are saved and maintained on a custom dashboard that always displays the latest trends and forecasts for key customer markets, economic indicators, and the fluid power industry.

The key here is that the more NFPA market programs your company participates in, the more data sources you have to utilize, the more industry trends and forecasts you can view on your custom dashboard.  The following market programs are currently available to use with your custom dashboard.

·    Confidential Shipment Statistics (CSS)
·    Customer Market File (CMF)
·    Customer Market Survey (CMS)
·    NFPA Forecast Report: U.S. Customer Markets

NFPA is currently investigating other market programs and data sources to include on the NFPA’s Stats Dashboard.

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