Do global markets have you puzzled? Do you struggle to locate hard evidence that proves the value of expanding your business into the global marketplace? In today’s fluid power industry, manufacturers are almost required to have some kind of global presence, which often has executives scrambling to find market information that identifies which international locations may be best suited for their company’s global business ventures. Well, look no further than NFPA for your global market information and data needs. NFPA is pleased to introduce, NFPA’s Global Market Reports and Forecasts.

NFPA’s Global Market Reports and Forecasts are a collection of global market reports that will allow you to investigate every angle of our global marketplace.  From high-level macro data and leading indicators, to very detailed analysis and forecasts of popular customer markets, and all broken down from a global perspective, including specific by-country analysis and forecasts.
Prepared by Oxford Economics, one of the world’s foremost independent global advisory firms and provider of reports, forecasts and analytical tools on the global economy, NFPA’s Global Market Reports and Forecasts are broken into 4 types of reports and include the:
  • Global Fluid Power Report and Forecast, a customized quarterly report that measures the potential for the global fluid power industry using a Demand Forecast that focuses on the drivers of demand to determine an outlook for fluid power, and includes key industrial sectors which are critical sources of intermediate demand for our industry. This report includes a global macro summary, by-country market forecasts and analyses, and by-country fluid power forecasts.
  • Global Industry Forecasts, which are quarterly reports that examine nine key customer markets and include market analysis for 68 countries and market forecasts for 68 countries.
  • Global Industry Briefings, which are monthly reports that examine nine customer markets and include the latest developments in key world economies and month-to-month output numbers and forecasts.
  • By-Country Briefings and Forecasts, which are quarterly country specific reports that examine 68 individual countries and include a global macro summary, detailed data and analysis of customer markets, and customer market forecasts.

Now for the best part, these reports are available to all NFPA members!  No participation required, no subscription fee needed!  Just log into the NFPA website, locate the report you need, and download the report.  But, because these reports are an exclusive benefit of membership, they must remain within your company.

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Expect monthly e-mails announcing when and which global reports have been updated.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss these reports in greater detail, please contact Eric Armstrong at (414) 778-3372 or e-mail