A new NFPA Education and Technology Foundation program will help facilitate the exchange of donated products between NFPA’s member companies and educator members (i.e., technical schools, colleges and universities that teach fluid power). The schools will use the donated items on new and existing labs, trainers and other educational projects.

If you would like to participate in the program—

NFPA member companies: Send us a list of the products, components or materials you would like to donate to schools.

NFPA educator members: Send us a list of the products or materials needed at your school.

We are in the process of collecting the information, which will be entered into a clearinghouse-type database. Once the database is ready, you can use it to search for donated products or “wish-lists” from the schools.

There are no specific requirements for the products, components, or materials that schools can request or that member companies can offer to donate. All exchanges will be between member companies and educators.

To be listed in the product donation database, send a detailed list of products or materials you would like to donate, or send a “wish-list” of the products you would like to have, along with the contact information for your company or school—contact name, e-mail and telephone number—to ctschwartz@nfpa.com.

For further information about this new program, contact Carrie Tatman Schwartz at (414) 778-3347 or ctschwartz@nfpa.com.