By Eric Armstrong

Need a way to get quick looks at industry and market data, but don’t have the time to build your own graphs and update your data sources?  Let NFPA handle those chores for you with the new Stats Dashboard on the NFPA website.

NFPA’s Stats Dashboard is a web-based interactive tool that allows you to create a series of graphs from NFPA data sources that are saved to your member profile and only accessible through your own custom stats dashboard homepage.

The more NFPA market programs you participate in, the more data sources you can use to build your custom dashboard. The following market programs are currently available to use within the Stats Dashboard:

•  Confidential Shipment Statistics (CSS)
•  Customer Market File (CMF)
•  Customer Market Survey (CMS)
•  NFPA Forecast Report

NFPA members can login (using your NFPA login) to view and create your own graphs on your custom stats dashboard.  All graphs are automatically updated to display the latest data collected by NFPA.

Click HERE to check out NFPA’s Stats Dashboard.

For a quick walkthrough of how to set-up and use your custom Stats Dashboard, click HERE.

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