A full room, focused networking, and a great presentation.  That’s what you missed if you didn’t attend the May 22, 2013, NFPA Detroit Regional Meeting. 

NFPA’s free Regional Meetings have been part of the Association Events Calendar since 2003 and this year the Detroit meeting boasted 80+ attendees—the highest ever for a Regional Meeting.  NFPA Regional Meetings are casual and short.   Meant to bring fluid power industry people together to build a sense of community and shared success, they are open to members and non-members alike. 

A highlight of the 2013 Detroit meeting was the presentation by Martin Lavelle, senior associate economist in the research department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s Detroit Branch and an NFPA Regional Meeting favorite.  Much of Martin’s research centers on employment trends in the Michigan economy and its impact on the District and national economies. Specific topics include the auto industry, consumer spending, business activity and the U.S.-Canada border as well as working on the District’s contribution to the Beige Book.   In fact, Martin polled the attendees on certain employment trends and will use the information gathered for the next edition Beige Book.

The next stop for NFPA Regional Meetings will be the Chicago area in the Fall of 2013.  Watch the NFPA website and Reporter for more announcements.