NFPA is pleased to pass this message onto our members . . .

Calling All Scouters and/or Anyone Interested In Getting Involved!
Exciting news for our industry as it means introducing fluid power to children at an early age!

The BSA Hydraulics & Pneumatics Subcommittee of the International Fluid Power Society (IFPS) Education Committee is in discussion with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) about the potential of a Hydraulics and Pneumatics Merit Badge. The committee plans to submit an official application this fall. The society feels they have a good chance for success in implementing hydraulic and pneumatic principles in several facets of BSA programs, including NOVA, Super NOVA, and a potential Merit Badge. BSA has been very receptive and is currently working with IFPS on many projects concurrently.

You can help out!
IFPS is looking for troops and councils to host "experimental programs." The committee plans to run "experimental programs" over several months to ascertain the interest level in the hydraulics and pneumatics merit badge among scouts. Volunteers are needed from across the country that are involved with our industry and interested in helping with this project to sign up.

Get in on the ground floor, learn more!

Mark Perry, CFPHS, IFPS president
Paul Prass and Randall Smith, CFPHS, Committee Chairs