In 2011 the NFPA Marketing Committee developed an industry-wide recognition program whereby individual design engineers in fluid power customer markets were encouraged to compete to receive a monetary award for their efforts in designing the most innovative fluid power application.  In 2013 the goal of the program continues to be to increase the visibility of fluid power in the identified customer markets through a positive public relations campaign. The Committee expects that this campaign will help in opening doors in each of the customer markets.    

Nominations are now being accepted for the next NFPA Fluid Power Innovation Awards. This program will provide cash awards and recognition for individuals using fluid power technology in innovative ways. NFPA members are encouraged to invite engineers in their customer markets to submit innovative fluid power applications in any of the customer markets they serve. Applicants must provide documentation of their innovation.

We encourage members to help their customer engineers and technicians who have used fluid power to:
    • Increase energy efficiency;
    • Improve reliability;
    • Reduce system size while maintaining or increasing power output;
    • Reduce environmental impact;
    • Improve and apply energy storage, recovery and redeployment capabilities
to apply.

The 2012 Innovation Award was presented to mechanical engineer Jude Hueber of Lightning Hybrids Inc. for his innovative use of a hydraulic system specifically designed to allow kinetic energy recovery and re-use in commercial on-road vehicles.

The next round of application submissions will be accepted until August 31, 2013. The winners will be selected by a judging committee consisting of members of the NFPA Marketing Committee. Membership in NFPA is not required. 

Applications are being fielded online via the following link: (Full eligibility criteria and application materials are available as well.)

Thank you for sharing this opportunity with your key customers. Questions? Contact Denise Rockhill at 414-778-3354 or