Engis Corporation
Wheeling, IL - Engis Corporation is a U.S. based manufacturer of precision bore finishing systems and tools. They design and produce precision single pass honing machines, fixtures and electroplated diamond and CBN tooling for the hydraulics industry. Member since 7/30/2013.

Nimco Controls Inc.
Sturtevant, WI - Nimco develops, manufactures and markets directional hydraulic control valves for open center and closed center flow sharing systems which can be manually, hydraulically, or electro-hydraulically controlled as on/off or proportional valves. All hydraulic valves can be controlled with Nimco's EasyProg software which also has the ability to control all other components in a hydraulic system with any of Nimco's Electrical Joysticks and/or Wireless Control Units. Hydraulics and Cable Controllers are also available. Other products include: electrical 6/2, 8/2 circuit selector valves; proportional flow control valves; and over center valves. Member since 7/22/2013.

Triton College
River Grove, IL - Triton College is a two-year non-for-profit community college that offers career focused coursework both lab and lecture /based.  Their Engineering Technology program is focused on automation. Member since 7/10/2013.