By Eric Lanke, CEO

Question: What do organizations like the National Fluid Power Association, the FPDA Motion and Control Network, and the International Fluid Power Society all have in common?

Answer: They all want to educate the OEMs and end-users that rely on fluid power to design and maintain the most reliable and energy efficient fluid power systems possible.

If you share this objective, then please help us by inviting your customers to attend the Fluid Power Systems Conference co-hosted by the NFPA, FPDA and IFPS, November 19-21, 2013, at the Doubletree Hotel in Rosemont, IL.

Now in its third year, the conference (formerly known as Energy Efficient Hydraulic and Pneumatic Conference), is helping to ensure that your customers view fluid power as a more competitive and logical technology choice now and in the future.

Several different types of education will be offered to them:
  1. Design workshops that will communicate and explore why energy efficiency and reliability are increasingly a concern for the machine builder and the important role that fluid power can play in increasing machine efficiency and reliability.
  2. Hands-on instruction into specific practical maintenance techniques; taught by fluid power component manufacturing members, distributors and systems integrators. 
  3. Facilitated round-table discussions where peers can come together to share specific challenges among the many different industries and applications that they are involved with.
Full details on the meeting can be found at:

Feel free to forward the web address with your encouragement to any OEM or end-user in your network that you feel would benefit from the conference. Or, contact me if you would like NFPA to issue an invitation on your behalf.

The Future of Fluid Power Symposium

One good reason for you to attend the FPSC is something we’re calling the Future of Fluid Power Symposium. It will be held from 12:30 PM to 4:00 PM on Thursday, November 21, and is one of the planning responsibilities that NFPA had for the conference.

Our objective is a program that informs and engages conference participants in a discussion about the future direction of reliable and energy efficient fluid power. To help do that we’re bringing in Aaron Saunders, Vice President of Hardware Engineering at Boston Dynamics.  That’s the company behind the “Big Dog” and several other autonomous robots that use hydraulics as their primary mechanism.  Aaron will be talking to us about the future of fluid power for mobile hydraulics—both what makes the technology something that his company relies on AND what are some of the obstacles that he sees to its more prevalent adoption in the industry.

His talk will be followed by two research presentations.  One of the research presenters is Dr. Ken Cunefare of Georgia Tech.  Ken is a professor within the Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power (CCEFP).  His research is focused on hydraulic system noise control and energy harvesting, two areas in which progress is important if hydraulics is going to be more readily utilized within robotics.

We will also be hearing from Dr. Lonnie Love of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  Oak Ridge recently began a Manufacturing Demonstration Program on the use of additive manufacturing.  Lonnie has spoken at this conference before, and so he is the perfect person to come and help us understand that unique manufacturing technology and what opportunities it presents for our industry and for the manufacturers of fluid power products.

Following these presentations, there will be an extended opportunity for dialogue with the three speakers about how to better leverage their discoveries for the fluid power industry—be it in robotic applications or elsewhere.

In summary, the Fluid Power Systems Conference is a solid educational opportunity for both you and the OEMs and end-users in your network.  The content is taught by fluid power experts, enabling you to demonstrate to your clients the importance of improved safety, reliability and greater efficiency overall.

Make your arrangements to attend today.  For complete details and to register, go to