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Issues in the Brief

Has India's Economy Lost its Way?
A Darkening Picture the Indian economy has deteriorated significantly during the past year. International investors appear to be retreating, contributing to a plunge in the rupee. Many fear that the currency rout will spread into a full-fledged economic and financial crisis, similar...

China’s Shadow Banking Puzzle
Shadow banking, which the Financial Stability Board has defined as “credit intermediation involving entities and activities outside the regular banking system,” has experienced unprecedented growth in China since the global financial crisis started in 2008.1 Analysis of the subsequent risks to...

Mexico’s Fiscal Reform May Have Limited Impact on U.S. Manufacturers
On September 8, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto sent his fiscal reform proposal to the nation’s Congress, which has until November 15 to discuss the bill. This tax reform bill is part of a broader reform agenda that includes the telecommunications, financial, and energy sectors. The overall...

Europe's July Manufacturing Output Falls
July’s industrial production fell 1 percentage point in the EU compared to the month before and was down twice that compared to the previous year. Manufacturing output will probably decline about half a percent this year in the Eurozone before climbing about a percentage point in 2014. Weakness was...

Transatlantic Free Trade Offers Big Rewards
A new study TTIP and the Fifty States (by the Bertelsmann Foundation and the Atlantic Council) documents some palpable benefits that state economies could book once a moderately ambitious scope of the treaty takes effect. Let’s recap: the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a...

Shanghai Experimental Free Trade Zone
This zone covers about 29 square kilometers and links four existing special trade zones, and is positioned as a testing ground for major reforms that China’s new leaders plan to implement.   The overall objective is to promote the opening up of the service and financial sectors and to reform the...

Italian Political Crisis Is a Warning to Europe
When Silvio Berlusconi failed to bring down the Italian cabinet recently, the rest of Europe breathed a sigh of relief. In fact, the unfortunate imbroglio presages the type of crisis that appears suddenly somewhere in Europe and for which there could be few immediate solutions.

Economic Update

MAPI Business Outlook: Most Indexes Show Marked Improvement
MAPI Business Outlook Composite Index Rises From 58 to 66; Most Individual Indexes Show Marked Improvement Senior Financial Executives Surveyed on Low Interest Rates and Tapering This MAPI Business Outlook reflects the views of 51 senior financial executives in member companies on current and...

Latin America's Outlook: A Moderate Cyclical Expansion
MAPI Economic Consultant Fernando Sedano presents Latin America’s economic and industrial forecasts, which have been revised downward as a result of Mexico’s weak activity this year. Both Brazil and Argentina are in the midst of a cyclical recovery from last year’s recession. Most growth is a...

Manufacturing Facts: A New MAPI Production, is a collection of the key facts and figures that define the state of the U.S. manufacturing industry.

A Wide Range of Occupations Contribute to U.S. Manufacturing Production
Employees involved in production activities account for 51 percent of the U.S. manufacturing workforce. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recognizes more than 100 occupational classifications in manufacturing production; these constitute a wide range of education and skill levels, such as computer-controlled machine tool operators, electronic equipment assemblers, butchers, and bakers.

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