Question: What do organizations like the National Fluid Power Association, the FPDA Motion and Control Network, and the International Fluid Power Society have in common?

Answer: They all want to educate the OEMs and end-users that rely on fluid power to design and maintain the most reliable and energy efficient fluid power systems possible.

During the November Fluid Power Systems Conference, co-hosted by the NFPA, FPDA and IFPS, held in Rosemont, IL, conference attendees were able to do just that.

Now in its third year, the conference (formerly known as Energy Efficient Hydraulic and Pneumatic Conference), helped to ensure that fluid power is a more competitive and logical technology choice now and in the future.  Attendee feedback concurred that this conference gave participants the opportunity to enhance their educational prowess for themselves and their organization.
Fluid power industry engineers and technicians took advantage of the dynamic, interactive environment of the conference to learn design concepts critical to developing efficient fluid power systems, techniques to keep the systems operating at peak efficiency, and discussions about the future direction of reliable and energy efficient fluid power.  The three day program provided:
  1. Design workshops that communicated and explored why energy efficiency and reliability are increasingly a concern for the machine builder and the important role that fluid power can play in increasing machine efficiency and reliability.
  2. Hands-on instruction into specific practical maintenance techniques, taught by fluid power component manufacturing members, distributors and systems integrators. 
  3. Facilitated round-table discussions where peers came together to share specific challenges among the many different industries and applications that they are involved with.
Downloadable presentations and handouts are available at
The NFPA, FPDA and IFPS would like to recognize the efforts of the curriculum development team, marketing committee, presenters and supporting organizations for helping to make the Fluid Power Systems Conference another stellar event.  A special thanks goes out to the following innovation showcase participants for their contribution to the welcome reception:  AeroValve, Duro-Life Corporation, Livingston & Haven, Price Engineering and Webtec.