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NFPA Fluid Power Action Challenge

Fluid Power Challenge Champions

Fluid Power Challenge Champions are organizations that have dedicated their own time and resources in hosting Fluid Power Action Challenge Events in their local communities. They have helped spread information about fluid power technology and careers, and in return have reaped the benefits that come with connecting their organizations to the schools and science classrooms where some of our industry’s future employees are learning about fluid power for the first time.

The Fluid Power Challenge Champions Club of the NFPA Education and Technology Foundation recognizes these organizations for their efforts and for important milestones they achieve along the way.

  • Caterpillar - 2 annual events, engaging 184 total students in Peoria, IL
  • Daman Products Company - 6 annual events, engaging 516 total students in South Bend, IN
  • Deltrol Fluid Products - 7 annual events, engaging 1,524 total students in Palatine, IL
  • FORCE America - 1 annual event, engaging 72 total students in Alexandria, MN
  • Master Pneumatic - 2 annual events, engaging 340 total students in Warren, MI
  • Micromatic - 1 annual event, engaging 20 total students in Berne, IN
  • Milwaukee School of Engineering - 8 annual events, engaging 650 total students in Milwaukee, WI
  • Parker Hannifin - 1 annual event, engaging 20 total students in Chagrin Falls, IA
  • Price Engineering - 1 annual events, engaging 36 total students in Hartland, WI
  • University of Minnesota - 5 annual events, engaging 352 total students in Minneapolis, MN
  • Wojanis Supply Company - 6 annual events, engaging 560 total students in Pittsburgh, PA

To learn more about becoming a Fluid Power Challenge Champion, contact Lynn Beyer at (414) 778-3364 or