NFPA/T2.12.11-2-2007 (R2017)

NFPA/T2.12.11-2-2007 (R2017)

Standard Title:Hydraulic fluid power components – Assessment of reliability by testingReferenced Standards:ISO 1000, ISO 5598, ISO 8778Standard Scope:This standard includes basic provisions for a defined set of fluid power products, plus a series of appendixes with requirements for each specific fluid power product. 1.1. This standard applies to the following components: Accumulators Hydraulic cylinders Hydraulic pumps and motors Hydraulic valves Pneumatic regulators Pneumatic cylinders Pneumatic rotary actuators Pneumatic valves 1.2. This standard provides: – general requirements for life testing – statistical tools for determining reliability – an example of reliability calculations – annexes with specific test rules and criteria for test limits, for each component in 1.1. 1.3. This standard is intended for application to laboratory environments at standard atmospheric conditions as defined in ISO 8778, and temperatures from 10°C to 40°C (50°F to 102°F); using fluids that do not chemically deteriorate the components. Testing at other conditions is permissible when so defined. 1.4. This standard provides component manufacturers with a common method of testing and calculation.

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