NFPA/T2.13.14-2007 (R2017)

NFPA/T2.13.14-2007 (R2017)

Standard Title:Recommended practice – Hydraulic fluid power – Use of environmentally acceptable fluidsReferenced Standards:N/AStandard Scope:This practice provides a general educational publication covering the following aspects of each of the general industrial types of environmentally acceptable fluids used in hydraulic fluid power systems: product description; biodegradability and toxicity; operating temperatures; foaming and aeration; corrosion characteristics; effects on protective coatings; wear resistant characteristics; viscosity control; fluid stability; safety in exposure to fluid; spills; contamination; effects on strainers and filters; effects on elastomers; piping and accessory precautions; changing fluids in a system.1.2 This practice will: provide a composite reference of pertinent general data on environmentally acceptable fluids; facilitate the design of industrial fluid power systems that use environmentally acceptable fluids; improve the operation and increase the reliability of fluid power systems using environmentally acceptable fluids; establish fluid maintenance guidelines for environmentally acceptable fluids; provide basic procedures for initial filling or changing types of environmentally acceptable fluids considered for use in fluid power systems; point out general properties and characteristics of the types of environmentally acceptable fluids considered for use in fluid power systems.

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