NFPA/T2.13.7 R1-1997 (R2014)

NFPA/T2.13.7 R1-1997 (R2014)

Standard Title:Hydraulic fluid power – Petroleum fluids – Prediction of bulk moduliReferenced Standards:ISO 91/1, ISO 3675, ISO 3838, ANSI/B93.2Standard Scope:This standard specifies a procedure for predicting the bulk moduli of petroleum or hydrocarbon oils used as fluids (in the absence of air bubbles) in hydraulic fluid power systems and for other purposes. This standard provides graphical techniques to obtain moduli of these fluids without extended calculations and with such accuracy as would be required for the practical calculation of hydraulic systems parameters. The useful temperature range is from 0 °C to 270 °C, with a pressure range from atmospheric to 7000,000 kPa (7,000 bar). Select the appropriate bulk modulus according to the problem and conditions of operation (see definitions).

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