NFPA/T3.10.17-1995 (R2014)

NFPA/T3.10.17-1995 (R2014)

Standard Title:Finite life hydraulic filter pressure/life rating - Method for verifying the fatigue life rating and the burst pressure rating of the pressure containing envelope of a spin-on hydraulic filterReferenced Standards:ANSI/B93.2-1986, ISO 1000:1992, NFPA/T2.6.1 R1-1991.Standard Scope:To include methods for verifying the ratings of the burst and fatigue pressure strength of a finite life hydraulic filter, disposable element, container (spin-on filter). The purpose is to provide standard methods for verifying the fatigue and static burst pressure ratings of the metal housing of a finite life hydraulic filter with regard to cyclic and steady pressure loads. Because the service life of the element container for a finite life hydraulic filter (spin-on) is relatively short, a fatigue life of 100,000 cycles is judged significant for common industrial ratings.

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