NFPA/T3.19.7-1978 (R2017)

NFPA/T3.19.7-1978 (R2017)

Standard Title:Cavity dimensions for fluid power exclusion devices (inch series)Referenced Standards:SAE/J956, MS-33675, MS-28776, ANSI/B93.2, ISO 1000, ISO 370, ANSI/B134.1Standard Scope:To include dimensions for the cavity into which clearance-type and press-type exclusion devices are installed. NTOE - The range of sizes is dependent on design of the exclusion device for which popular categories are defined in Reference No. 1 and Reference No.2. Heavy section exclusion devices in Table 3 parallel Reference No. 2's rod sizes but have larger cross sections and widths. The manner of construction of the exclusion device varies with each manufacturer and no attempt is made to present the details of the design. The exact degree of interference or clearance between the exclusion device and its cavity is a characteristic related to the design of the exclusion device. Therefore, This recommended standard does not specify limits on the unit.

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