NFPA/T3.21.18-1994 (R2015)

NFPA/T3.21.18-1994 (R2015)

Standard Title:Pneumatic fluid power – Recommended practice for calibration and use of flowmetersReferenced Standards:ANSI/B93.2, ANSI/IEEE 268, ISO 1000, ISO 5598, ISO 9695-1, ISO 11631Standard Scope:This NFPA recommended practice describes methods of calibrating pneumatic flowmeters used in laboratories and in production testing for pneumatic fluid power components. It describes how a reference device is prepared, calibrated and then used as the means to calibrate pneumatic flowmeters on-site. It further describes how flowmeters should be used in service and how they should be maintained. This practice is intended for use with only two classes of reference devices: sonic (critical flow) and subsonic flow reference devices.

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