NFPA/T3.5.16-1988 (R2013)

NFPA/T3.5.16-1988 (R2013)

Standard Title:Hydraulic fluid power – Flow control valves – Method for measuring and reporting regulating characteristicsReferenced Standards:ANSI/B93.2-1986, ANSI/B93.9-1969, ANSI/B93.30M-1980, ANSI/B93.49-1980, ASTM/D 445-1988, ISO 1219-1976, NFPA/T2.10.1M-1978, ISO 1000-1981Standard Scope:This standard includes: - standard methods for testing the regulating characteristics of hydraulic flow control valves; - a uniform method for presenting the test data; - standardized information to enable the conducting of comparative tests. 1.2 This standard is intended to provide a uniform laboratory procedure for measuring and reporting the regulating characteristics for a hydraulic flow control valve. 1.3 This standard is intended to include steady state performance characteristics only. Transient performance tests are not included.

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