NFPA/T3.5.29 R1-2007 (R2017)

NFPA/T3.5.29 R1-2007 (R2017)

Standard Title:Fluid power systems and components – Electrically-controlled industrial valves – Interface dimensions for electrical connectors (Revision and redesignation of ANSI/B93.55M-1981)Referenced Standards:ANSI/B93.2, NFPA/T2.10.1M, ANSI/Y14.17, ANSI/B93.9M, UL-498, FB10, UL-1063.Standard Scope:This standard includes interface dimensions and configurations for electrical plug-type connectors (not intended for current interruption) used with single or double electrically-controlled fluid power control valve used in industrial (in-plant) applications.1.2 This standard is intended to: a) simplify variety and facilitate installation and servicing; b) promote interchangeability and greater use of electrically-controlled fluid power controls.1.3 This standard applies to the dimensional criteria, pin usage and installation requirements of products manufactured in conformance with this standard. It does not fully define their functional characteristics.

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