NFPA/T3.6.68-2010 (R2015)

NFPA/T3.6.68-2010 (R2015)

Standard Title:Fluid power - Square head cylinders - Determination of the static failure pressure rating of pressure containing componentsReferenced Standards:ASME B1.1, ANSI/(NFPA)T3.6.7, ISO 5598, ISO 10099, ISO 10100Standard Scope:This recommended standard covers tie rod constructed square head industrial fluid power cylinders which apply to NFPA/T3.6.7 and provides requirements and design parameters for the determination of the theoretical static failure pressure rating of pressure containing components. It also provides guidance on material selection. It is recognized that cylinder mountings, rod buckling, etc. are pertinent to proper cylinder application; but they are considered beyond the scope of this document. The information contained in this document is intended to - establish a basic method for calculating the static failure pressure rating of a cylinder which will be consistent and understandable to both the manufacturer and the user, but is in no way intended to imply the maximum operating pressure of the cylinder; - allow the user or manufacturer to apply or recommend whatever safety factor deemed necessary and consistent with the intended use of the cylinder; - allow manufacturers freedom of design in cylinders without restricting the advancement of the art while still providing basic guidelines that will assure users that adequate safeguards are present.

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