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NFPA Work Environment

NFPA is a great place to work. We offer a flexible schedule, challenging work, and plenty of training and mentorship opportunities.

Flexible Schedule

NFPA’s modern offices are located at 6737 West Washington Street in Milwaukee, WI, serving as an attractive base of operations for employees. It’s a great place to connect with colleagues and get focused work done, especially since a portion of everyone’s responsibilities requires time away from the office. There are conferences and events to plan and attend, member visits to perform, and flexibility is built into everyone’s schedule to allow these activities to occur. Representing and helping the fluid power industry grow increasingly requires flexibility in where and when work is performed, and NFPA is committed to providing its employees with the tools and support they need to be effective and productive anywhere.

Challenging Work

There are plenty of challenges facing the fluid power industry, and NFPA is well positioned to address them. Our volunteer leadership is committed to a collaborative vision, accomplishing together what no single organization could accomplish on its own. We seek to make a real impact on our environment, and our goals and objectives reflect that intent. Staff bears a primary responsibility in moving our agenda forward and accomplishing more than would ordinarily be expected of an organization our size. Individuals who rise to these challenges can create their own success and opportunities within NFPA.

Training and Mentorship

The existing NFPA staff is comprised of people with years and, in some cases, decades of experience in fluid power and association management. New people joining our organization benefit from this significant resource base, and have additional opportunities to learn and develop their skills through interactions with our members. They run the gamut from small and nimble organizations seeking disruptive change in their marketplace to large and successful organizations seeking to broaden their influence and increase their profitability. It’s a dynamic environment that encourages learning and the acquisition of new competencies.

Interested in learning more? Contact Eric Lanke at elanke@nfpa.com.

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