About the Pascal Society

The Pascal Society is the annual giving society of the NFPA Education and Technology Foundation—a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, charitable organization dedicated to meeting the workforce development needs of the U.S. fluid power industry. 

Named after Blaise Pascal, the French mathematician, physicist and inventor whose famous law describes fluid power’s force multiplier effect, the Pascal Society seeks to create a similar multiplier effect for the fluid power industry.

By combining the financial and volunteer contributions of many individuals into one concerted effort, the Society will develop the resources, tools and people needed to tackle our difficult workforce development challenge.


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“Fluid power is a subject that I did not know much about before I started my studies in the Engineering Technology major. I feel lucky that fluid power is part of the curriculum because it provides me with an understanding about how some equipment and machinery work and it gives me an edge over some potential candidates for employment in the future.” - Marlena Silva, Eastern Iowa Community College Working in a fluid power lab funded by NFPA


“Fluid power is used to transmit power from one place to another and it can be used with other power transmission technologies in different kinds of equipment and machinery. Industries use machinery and robotics that incorporate both hydraulic or pneumatic technology in their manufacturing processes so understanding the theory of fluid power is essential information to possess.” - Macumba Manga, Southeast Community College Received Fluid Power Scholarship

“I have always been interested in technical subjects so the fluid power industry gave me an incredible opportunity to practice what I had learned in school in a hands-on environment. As an employee of Compact Automation Products, I was able to apply my technical knowledge and interest in sales to benefit both the company and myself. In the future I hope to further my involvement with Compact Automation and the fluid power industry.”- Thomas Wallace, Texas A&M University Received Fluid Power Scholarship



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