Benefits and Giving Levels


Recognition and Participation

Each annual giving level comes with a unique set of recognition benefits and participation opportunities to better engage the donor to invest and grow the programs most needed by the industry.


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  Annual Giving Level
Recognition Benefits and Participation Opportunities Beginning July 1, 2018 Gold Donor Silver Donor Bronze Donor
Exclusive access to a VIP event at NFPA Annual Conference X    
Individually recognized at all major NFPA events X    
Tech School reccomendation opportunity at a new FAMTEN Hub X    
Opportunity to host a Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge X    
Enagagment opportunity in FAMTEN Hub communities  X X  
Opportunity to attend and/or judge a Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge X X  
Ability to serve on the University and/or Tech School Education Committees X X  
Collectivley recognized at major NFPA events as a Pascal Society Donor X X  
Recognized in the annual NFPA Donor Impact Report  X X X
Invitation to serve on the Roadmap Committee X X X
Exclusive access to college graduates through the Fluid Power Careers Portal X X X


Annual Giving Levels

Donors to the Pascal Society commit to making an annual contribution in support of our activities. The predictable nature of these donations provides the stability we need to continue to grow and develop fluid power programs 



Annual Giving Levels
Beginning July 1, 2019

Company Size

Annual U.S. Fluid Power Sales

Bronze Donor

Silver Donor

Gold Donor


Above $128 million

At least $6,000

At least $30,000

At least $60,000


Between $24 and $128 million

At least $3,000

At least $15,000

At least $30,000


Below $24 million

At least $1,500

At least $7,500

At least $15,000

Individual or non profit organization

At least $1,500

At least $7,500

At least $15,000


“Fluid power sales” are measured differently for different kinds of companies:

  • For fluid power component/system manufacturers and distributors, it includes all of their fluid power sales.
  • For OEMs, it includes the value of fluid power content in their machines, both purchased and manufactured.
  • For suppliers, it includes all of their sales to the fluid power industry.

These are charitable contributions, tax-deductible under the NFPA Foundation’s 501(c)(3) status as a charitable organization

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