Recognition and Participation


As a Pascal donor, you receive recognition benefits and participation opportunities to engage in and grow the programs most needed by the industry.


Become a Donor

Your company will be recognized as a Pascal Society Donor and will receive the following participation benefits. Please note that all of these opportunities can be done virtually or in-person.

  • You will receive exclusive invitations to engage in Fast Track/FAMTEN and Power Partner programs, where you will be able to meet, coach, and mentor the tech school and university students that are being educated in fluid power. These invitations will include:
    • Participate in exclusive industry mentor communities built to support students in Fast Track Hub Schools and University Fluid Power Clubs.
    • Participate as a judge and mentor in the Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge, working closely with a team of undergraduate students to build and apply fluid power systems.
    • Attend exclusive fluid power career fairs and industry connection events, showcasing your company, helping students improve their resumes, and leading interviews.
    • Access and connect with graduates through the Fluid Power Careers Portal, the place where all students are directed to find jobs in the fluid power industry.


  • You will also receive invitations to serve on the Tech School and/or University Education Committees, where you will be able to shape the education and marketing programs that bring fluid power to the students. Committee members are able to:
    • Make recommendations for the geographic placement of new Fast Track Hubs and other programs.
    • Host Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge events at their company location or through other facilities.
  • You will also be recognized at all major NFPA events and in NFPA Foundation publications. 

Our focus is increasingly on helping you build the connections your company needs to source and secure your future workforce. We welcome donations of any amount, but only donors giving at these Pascal Society levels will receive the benefits described.


Become a Donor


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