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Every two years, the NFPA Roadmap Committee collects information to define customer needs, assess fluid power's ability to meet them and describe an R&D agenda to continue growth. The 2021 iteration saw unprecedented collaboration across the supply chain, including from stakeholders in key customer markets.

The resulting report, the 2021 NFPA Technology Roadmap: Improving the Design, Manufacture and Function of Fluid Power Components and Systems, is now available for download. It identifies seven broad capability improvements for the fluid power industry to work towards to better serve and expand its customer markets.

  • Improve fluid power control systems (including through electrification)
  • Monitor, gather and use data generated from working fluid power products to add value
  • Improve fluid power’s reliability and durability
  • Increase fluid power’s energy efficiency
  • Increase fluid power’s power density
  • Reduce the environmental impact of fluid power components and systems
  • Reduce lead time for fluid power components and their control elements

For each of these capability improvements, the Roadmap also identifies a set of research targets that quantify or otherwise describe successful strategies for pursuing advancements in these areas. Organizations that wish to pursue projects of importance to the fluid power industry should seek alignment with these research areas and targets.

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NFPA President and CEO Eric Lanke is available to attend your company or organization event to present on a variety of topics from the 2021 NFPA Technology Roadmap, including:

  • Fluid Power’s Primary Customer Drivers
  • Capability Improvements Needed for Fluid Power to Continue to Meet the Needs of Customers
  • Important Fluid Power Research Areas and Targets

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The Roadmap is the intellectual property of NFPA. It is not for reprint, resale, or redistribution, in whole or in part, without the written permission of NFPA.

The Roadmap is a tool that can be used, with permission obtained from NFPA, by organizations that wish to pursue projects of importance to the fluid power industry. These organizations include both research institutions and companies across the fluid power supply chain. By aligning their activities with the challenges, objectives, and proposed projects described in the Roadmap, they will all play a role in positively shaping the future of fluid power technology.

By putting forth this Roadmap, representing a broad consensus of industry players, and focused on pre-competitive initiatives that will help develop new technologies to benefit the industries, markets, and people served by fluid power, NFPA demonstrates a commitment both to collaboration and to long-term growth and sustainability.

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