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Describe the proposed project.  What are the goals and objectives? Describe the intended benefits and consequences of the project for students and their faculty.


What fluid power curriculum will you be adding and to what courses?

List which NFPA Core Competencies will be taught from this project.

What is the timetable? Detail the project start-up time and completion date, along with any significant interim milestones.  Be sure to include a deadline for when you need assurance of support from NFPA in order to insure a successful planning process. 

What are the total funds required?  What other support is being requested?  Provide a budget for the project, along with a request for the specific funds / materials being sought from NFPA.  Is additional support being requested from other sources?  Provide detail.  Show how the project will be finacially feasible given the expected funding sources. 

Who are the project leaders? Explain who - faculty and / or industry volunteers - will be leading students in developing new understandings of fluid power technology and applications, along with details of how that help will be offered. 

How will the students be involved? Give details about the number of students involved along with descriptions of what they will be doing. 

How will the success of the new curriculum be evaluated - its outcomes as well as the learning process it generates?

Describe the opportunities to extend the benefits of the project - its multiplier-effects (e.g., expected development of additional instructional units / courses in fluid power for project participants, plans for using the project as an instructional tool for other students, etc.). Note:  It is required that this project add fluid power curriculum beyond a one-year scope.

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