Fast Track

NFPA’s Fast Track to fluid power, is a workforce development pathway that partners local technical colleges with industry partners and high school teachers. This network will create awareness and interest in fluid power and train students along a path that leads to careers in fluid power at NFPA member companies. 

A technical or community college with a validated fluid
power and mechatronics degree program. Industry
partners provide on-going curriculum guidance and
student internship opportunities.
A ring of high schools, each equipped with fluid power
lab equipment and curriculum. Industry partners visit
frequently and provide mentorship and career encouragement. 
A community-wide Fluid Power Action Challenge, engaging
thousands of middle school students in learning about and
having fun with fluid power. Industry partners
serve as coaches/judges. 


A network of industry partners, with facilities near the community is essential to getting students on the path to a career in the fluid power industry. Fast Track is an opportunity for NFPA members to have a direct connection to their future workforce. For more information, contact Lynn Beyer, Vice President of Workforce Development Programs. 


By definition, a Fast Track Hub school is one that NFPA has verified is teaching a fluid power and applied mechatronics curriculum which incorporates at least the following learning outcomes: 

  1. Read circuit diagrams and understand function of components in fluid power systems; 
  2. Determine and perform calculations to move loads in fluid power systems (e.g., torque, speed, power); 
  3. Specify and size components for fluid power systems (e.g., pumps, valves, cylinders, hoses, filters, reservoirs, accumulators); 
  4. Analyze and troubleshoot problems with fluid power systems; 
  5. Program and connect electronic controls for fluid power systems; and 
  6. Promote safe working conditions with pressurized systems.


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