Internship Support Program

The National Fluid Power Association (NFPA) is offering up to $5,000 to help support NFPA member company fluid power internship/co-op programs. NFPA staff will collect applications and resumes from students interested in fluid power and provide members who apply with information on quality candidates for their open positions. If a member hires one of them, they will receive $5,000 from NFPA to help cover costs.

This program will help members find qualified candidates who are interested in fluid power and will help students get directly connected to fluid power internships, co-ops and full-time jobs.


To be eligible, you must:

  • Be an NFPA member
  • Have a quality, fluid power internship or co-op program up and running at your company
  • Submit an application

Rules and Regulations

  • Award will be paid directly to the NFPA member company.
  • Money is awarded on a first come first serve basis, once your offer has been accepted by a student in the program.
  • NFPA will notify members once the annual budget has been spent, but we will continue to send student resumes to members if they are interested in receiving them.

There is no application deadline. We will continue to accept member applications until the budgeted funds are depleted for the year.

Apply Here

Contact Info

6737 W. Washington Street, Suite 2350

Milwaukee, WI 53214

(414) 778-3344 (o)

(414) 778-3361 (f)